and someone seeking an event space for a queer art show

November 2022

causes that could use your support, recommended by hot singles readers!
plus, a carnegie hall missed connection and no hot single this friday πŸ¦ƒ
hey hotties! lotsa stuff to share today including two events happening tonight: a singles event with somatics and meditation OR a comedy show about…
also introduce yourself in the hot singles chatroom πŸ‘€
hey hotties! this week we have a classic grocery store meet-cute involving some tropical fruit, a spy kids bday party complete with memorabilia, and…

October 2022

also does anyone know how to dub cassette tapes?
plus astrological readings and a poll...
hey hotties! it’s a beautiful day to take a walk and contemplate the changing seasons, to tell your friends and family you love them, and, last but not…
plus an opportunity to be featured on hot singles

September 2022

who wants to help sarah hang some shelves?
also a cute dog if u scroll all the way to the end