24M Karaoke King Looking For Melodic Mistress

hey everybody! this week’s hottie is a thoughtful guy— it’s no surprise that his parents are psychoanalysts. when you’re done talking about feelings, he’ll put on a show, whether it’s his latest play or another night as reigning Karaoke King. the perfect guy to laugh OR cry with, here he is!


tell us about a hobby you’re really into

I’ve been writing plays since I was 12. From then through high school I had this teacher, Nancy, who was super old and cranky and amazing. She would give us the same assignment every week: overhear a conversation and write a scene. It got me into eavesdropping, and into the idea of being curious about the people around me. At the end of the year, we’d all get to cast and direct our own plays for the playwriting festival. One year, I had a scene where people smoked a joint (4/20 every fucking day) and then threw out the roach and Nancy stopped the whole rehearsal and was like, “wait, what was that? Back in my day, we’d eat it!” So, yeah. I still love to write plays.

why do your friends like you?

I think they think I’m a good listener and that I’m good at articulating how they or I am feeling in a way that clarifies things. Listening and articulating were everything in my childhood, since both my parents are psychoanalysts and their whole shtick is about being able to describe things going on for yourself and the people around you using words. So I feel most comfortable when conversation’s flowing, when I feel people being forthright with each other. I think this makes my friends feel safe and heard and comfortable with me.

I also am fucking amazing at karaoke.

what makes you hot?

I feel most alive and in touch with the beauty of life when serendipitous things happen to me. Like this one time when I was studying abroad in Paris, I was walking around by myself and saw these cool-looking people walk down an alley. So I went into the alley and happened upon this bar and started talking to two of the people standing around outside. We all hung out and went back to my flat and drank a bottle of wine and had a sleepover (!!!!) and then the next day I asked one of them on a date and she said yes and we had a lovely time. All from following that impulse to go down the alley. I think this not needing a solid plan in order to make a totally rad day, or being able to embrace uncertainty for the potential beauty that it holds, is a hot thing about me.

📊 stats

age: 24

occupation: Fifth grade teacher (going to law school next year)

looking for: A girl to hang out with and maybe if things are nice we’ll start to hang out a lot !

neighborhood: Clinton Hill

✨ favs

book: Milkman by Anna Burns / Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

song: Pillar of Truth by Lucy Dacus / Kiss of Life by Sade / Doses & Mimosas by Cherub

tv/movie: I May Destroy You / The Crown / anything by Paul Thomas Anderson

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