24W DPH (Data Privacy Hottie) Seeking DPH (Dreamy Pensive Hunk)

hey y’all. this week’s hot single says she peaked in high school (watch her Vine below) but i think she’s still got a lot going for her post-grad. at the very least, her passion for data privacy means she’ll never leak your nudes… check her out!


what’s something you enjoy that most people consider boring?

I’ve always been a private person and have never been a fan of social media. My disdain crystallized when one of my stupid Facebook friends exposed my data to Cambridge Analytica >_<!!! That was the turning point for me. I then got deep into the history of data and learned how it could be weaponized to manipulate society. I tried to convince anyone who would listen to get offline. Fourth Amendment rights and information fiduciaries turn me ON…. If you want to dirty talk, DM me on Signal. 

what were you like in high school?

I peaked in high school. My days were spent listening to Toro y Moi, reading angsty John Updike books, and ripping the b0ng in my treehouse. At the time, I was also pretty hot on Vine (RIP). Like niche, alt girl Vine. My most popular video was captioned “My Ambitionz as a Writer.” It starts with a zoomed-in shot of a Word document where someone is typing, then slowly zooms out to reveal the hands of the writer. But the hands are alligator claws and the music in the background is “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” by 2pac.  

what makes you hot?

“LA face with an Oakland booty” —Blake Lively

📊 stats

age: 24

occupation: Investment Associate at Fintech :/

looking for: Fun guy (floppy hair and/or mustache a plus/guilty pleasure), good vibes, crypto advice

neighborhood: Carroll Gardens

✨ favs

book: For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

song: Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis

tv/movie: The Princess Bride

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