26M Chopstick Looking For Big Spoon

hey everybody! our hot single this week is a creative star. he runs his own studio creating beautiful photos for brands and celebs and racks up views on his TikTok dances. he’s down to meet potential friends, lovers, and collaborators so hit that reply button if you feel the vibe ✨


what do your days look like? how do you balance your work and your personal life?

Each day is different, but I like to start off with Alexa waking me up 10 times and telling me to get a move on it. Once I’m semi-awake, I quickly down cold brew mixed with oat milk and a little honey before running to set. No...I’m not a famous actor...yet ;) I’m actually a photographer, and if you thought your 9-5 job was difficult, some days I have to be on set by 6AM. Loving what I do makes getting up easier. When I’m not on set, you can find me collaborating with my friends who are designers, models, PR agents, stylists, and makeup artists orrrrr bopping to K-pop (where my Blackpinks at doeeeee), cooking, or enjoying a nice walk around Brooklyn. 

Most recently, I shot a story for the newly launched WOW Mag, founded by a contributor for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar China. WOW Mag shares stories empowering Asian women, so I’m very excited for that to come out. I also shot my friend’s launch collection, TAE PARK.

There’s little separation between work and my personal life and I don’t mind it. I really love what I do and consider it a blessing.

have you ever gone viral on the internet?

Over the holidays, my brother and I went back to Michigan. At dinner one night, my aunt requested that we perform something to entertain the family. Lucky for them, my brother and I are avid K-pop fans and spend our free time learning dances...with BLACKPINK canceling their virtual concert, we brought the gift of BLACKPINK to our family home. I posted the performance to TikTok right before bed, browsed a little, checked on the video 10 min later, and saw 30 views. The next morning I woke up to my brother screaming that the video is going...viral. 860K views, 5K shares, 250K likes later...I thought performing in front of my family was weird, but the universe really said “let’s get this sh!t out there for the world to see”. My dad: 👁👄👁 LOL.

what makes you hot?

I mean...how common are 6’3 asian boyz? *waits for your response*

📊 stats

age: 26

occupation: photographer, owner of Outcast Studio

looking for: getting freaky with the boyz and becoming besties with the girls

neighborhood: Bushwick

✨ favs

book: anything by Malcolm Gladwell

song: anything by BLACKPINK, WINNER, PENTAGON, SZA, or Frank Ocean

tv/movie: The Handmaiden, Parasite, Interstellar

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