28M NPR Supporter Seeks Non-GMO Lady to Share CSA

merry christmas y’all. it’s no coincidence that this week’s hot single is a GIFT. he has many talents—you could call him a renaissance man. for work he’s a software developer, but he also writes for and stars in several very funny youtube videos, cooks up a storm, and he might even read your tarot.

he’s sweet, he’s funny, he’s smart, what more could you ask for? check him out below and hit reply if you wanna meet our hot single!

what’s your ideal saturday?

We set an alarm for 9am planning on getting an early start to a full day. Immediately shut that off and sleep till 10:15 but absolutely no later than that because we’re not trying to sleep our whole Saturday away! We brew coffee, make some pancakes, listen to Morning Edition, then we’re out the door. The farmer’s market closes at noon and we need to drop off our compost AND pick up some purple cauliflower for tonight (since our CSA delivery isn’t till next week). After supporting our regional agricultural producers, we’re on the train. Maybe we’re going to Chinatown to get pastries from a bakery you read about on Eater. Maybe it’s the MoMa. Maybe it’s just walking around and then finding a cafe to sit and people watch (in this ideal Saturday we’re both vaccinated from coronavirus and society has achieved herd immunity).

tell us about a hobby you’re really into

Cooking! Just the best. After a long day of **enterprise software development** there’s nothing better than spending 45 minutes in the kitchen making something real using your eyes, nose and hands. You’re always learning and it’s always rewarding; you can bring joy to others or it’s like an act of love you can give to yourself. Plus I mean come on what’s hotter than someone who’s good in the kitchen…

what makes you hot?

I’ll give you a few reasons, take your pick. I’m a programmer by day, but I also like to write and act. Nerdiness is a key component of my personality—I have extensive knowledge of professional esports—but I also have strong relationships with my friends, care about feelings, and like tarot (although still learning, please understand if I misinterpret the nine of wands on you). I’m always down to try new shit whether that’s body boarding in stingray infested waters or scaling a cliff in Kentucky. You could say I ~contain multitudes~. Not to mention I’ve listened to every episode of NPR’s Planet Money 🥵

📊 stats

age: 28

occupation: Software developer + budding content creator

looking for: A woman to share a well-lived life with

neighborhood: Williamsburg

✨ favs

book: Most recently, Exhalations by Ted Chiang

song: Wolf Like Me by TVOTR

tv/movie: Twin Peaks

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