dave has got this nailed. not everything requires a treatise. some things are as smooth and simple as peanut butter and gravy.

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hey harry and david – super cool of you guys to weigh in. Lots of thoughts here:

IMHO if you told them you loved them within the last 3 years OR if you have fully transitioned to a place of friendship/acquaintanceship: you text them.

Otherwise you don’t. It’s ultimately a gesture that says β€œI care about you as a person!” so you just need to decide whether u want to say that to your ex or not.

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harry it is clear that you are a cerebral bb and i love the flowcharts. i think more like david. my strategy is to never remember their bday in the first place. and i guess im not pro texting exes no matter what - it's good to move on w life. echoing following on IG forever and never texting however LOL, if an ex posts their bday on social media i think a lil "hbd" reply is acceptable. but i dislike bday online posting in general - doxxing your PII is not hot

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Here's my thinking. It's not okay to text them HB if:

A) You're still in love with them, want to get them back and they're in a relationship with someone else.

B) They asked you never to speak to them again

everything else its fine I think??

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