31M Ex-Neuroscientist Seeking Man with Brains and Brawn

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this week’s hottie has been on TV in Australia, where he won a gameshow. pretty impressive stuff. plus, he is a great cook, and he has a car! the full package, if you ask me. learn more about him below.


what’s your go-to fun fact?

In 2010, I was the winning contestant on the Australian game show, Letters and Numbers. My fellow contestants and I duked it out in alternating rounds of math and word games until I emerged as champion. Before you get carried away imagining me as the Ken Jennings of the land down under, I have to state a few disclaimers. Letters and Numbers was a brand new, small budget, government-subsidized show. I walked away with the sexy prize of… a hardcover Australian dictionary. The dictionary may have been my official prize, but I also gained a (**modest**) international fanbase. When the show aired, Daniel Thompson of Tasmania sent me a Facebook message letting me know I was a “great contestant.” Another fan wrote a full recap of the episode on his blog. Don’t worry, I didn’t let the fame go to my head. And the dictionary has been put to good use as a monitor stand for my home office.

what’s your COVID coping mechanism?

One hobby that has gotten me through this time is cooking. I find the methodical chopping and stirring extremely relaxing— I relish the temporary reprieve from the outside world. For me, cooking is more than just following a recipe, it’s a creative process involving recipe adjusting, menu planning, and presentation. And food has always been a big part of my travel plans. My favorite vacation activity is to drive two hours out of the city to wander around a random town and hopefully stumble upon a restaurant serving an authentic dish bursting with new flavors. While traveling is off the table, I have turned to cooking (currently making my way through a Persian cookbook) to satisfy my craving for cultural adventure. The cherry on top is that satisfying fuzzy feeling I get from sharing something I created with my friends. 

what makes you hot?

  • I’m a dad to 26 (and counting) plant babies which demonstrates I’m nurturing (hot), responsible (hot), and in touch with the natural world (hot). 

  • The other week, I drove to a hike by myself which demonstrates I’m independent (hot), outdoorsy (hot), and have a car (the hottest).

  • Me and my roommate (a previous hot single ;) ) watch astronomy docs together because feeling small and insignificant makes us feel better about ourselves. This demonstrates I can self-soothe (hot), enjoy quality time with the people I love (hot), and appreciate science (hot).

📊 stats

occupation: Data Scientist

looking for: A pillow talk partner

neighborhood: Fort Greene

✨ favs

book: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

song: Sons and Daughters by Allman Brown

tv/movie: Parks and Rec

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