24W Dansko Devotee Seeks Man Who Likes Clogs (Or At Least Accepts Them)

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today’s hot single has a cheesy claim to fame. and by cheesy i’m talking about actual cheddar, gouda, brie, and other varieties of the popular dairy product. true to her name, this dansko devotee isn’t afraid to wear clogs on any occasion–if you’re lucky, she might wear them on your first date. she’s devoted to the danskos, but could you be devoted to her?

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what’s your claim to fame?

I peaked last year when I won a year’s supply of Cabot cheese. Tagged a friend in the comments to win a special edition of How to Cook Everything (fellow NYT Cooking hoes I’m looking at u) which came with 100 freaking pounds of high qual Vermont sharp cheddar. I threw some legendary cheese parties, tried to get creative in the kitchen (cheddar potato soup anyone?), and showed up to every outing with friends and lovers, cheese in tow, to spread the wealth. Needless to say, I am now a Cabot loyalist for life. 

what’s something you can’t live without?

My Dansko clogs, baby! Yes I will be wearing them on our first date and no I am not a nurse or a line cook, just a gal who values comfort whether I’m wandering around a gallery or hitting the dancefloor (preferably to Charli XCX). I really can’t be bothered to put on a pair of heels or change the way I look to impress someone/conform to conventional standards of hotness so you’ll have to take me as I am.

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

I am definitely not a homebody and get bored/anxious pretty easily if I’m not out and about Doing Things. I’m always chasing after my fav chefs’ pop up dinners and checking out a new public space I’ve never been to and fully expect you to come along even if it takes three trains and a bus to get there, but I’m also trying to learn to chill and enjoy moments of stillness. Also I still listen to Pinegrove (iykyk) :/

🥵 what makes you hot?

I’m a sexy public servant for the Parks department, and I’ll talk radical urban planning, public spaces, and niche NYC political happenings alllll night long. I probably already have an extra ticket to that concert at Brooklyn Steel you want to go to. I’m a really good listener and will go out of my way to surprise you with a pastry from that bakery you mentioned :)

🔎 who are you looking for?

In-unit laun- oh, I mean um a silly guy who’s both edgy and sweet and wants to try new things together like hike Storm King mountain or maybe just a new recipe. Would also be super cool if you could teach me how to ride a bike xoxo

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