24W Classy Clown Seeks Quirky Empath

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this week’s hot single loves humor of all brows and she’ll try (almost) anything once. though she has an intense appreciation for film, she doesn’t frown upon reality tv–love island is her fav. read on to find out why her name is classy clown 🤡

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what are you passionate about?

  • Films: Indies, ‘90s/early ‘00s rom-coms, and dramedies. With that being said, This Is The End is one of the best movies of all time, no debate. 

  • H-Mart

  • Smart Humor: satirical and fast-paced, like Succession or a Chappelle set

  • Dumb Humor: Eric Andre, any episode of It’s Always Sunny, Wendy Williams as a concept. Cringing is my kink!

  • Astrology (sorry not sorry) 

  • Anything Yaa Gyasi, bell hooks, and Sally Rooney have ever written

  • Radical Empathy

  • Ginger kombucha and oat milk lattes  

  • Love Island (UK, US, and Australia)

Tell us about a piece of art that changed your life

Michaela Coel’s show I May Destroy You absolutely changed my life. Everything about the show–the premise, the extremely talented and hot West African cast, and Coel’s creative process– inspires me to be a better artist and a better person. The period sex scene lives in my head rent-free every month, and I thank her for that. After watching IMDY three times, I watched her previous show, Chewing Gum, which motivated me to look into clown classes because shorty is a WHOLE clown. I actually just finished my Clown Intensive course last week (my mom says I shouldn’t brag about that but it’s one of my greatest accomplishments, I fear.)

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

I can be a little impulsive when I’m excited about something. Earlier this year I got four piercings in an hour. Then I went from no tattoos to three in a month. I’ve also famously flown off of an ATV on a remote Australian dairy farm even though I’m from NYC and can barely drive. 

🥵 what makes you hot?

As the eldest child of two Nigerian immigrants… kidding. I’d say what makes me hot is that I’m very adventurous. I’ll try anything once except for heroin and raceplay. I’m on a constant journey of self-discovery and am proud of the fact that I learn something new about myself and the world every day :) 

🔎 who are you looking for?

Looking for a guy (but hey, who knows) who is sexy on the inside and outside. Sexy as in he exudes confidence not cockiness, knows how to have a fun ass time, doesn’t take himself too seriously, has ambition, and has great banter. Extra points if he can teach me how to pop an Ollie on my skateboard.

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