34W Aux Cord Angel Seeks Heaven-Sent Romance

hey hotties!

if you’ve got a long drive coming up, you’ll want this aux cord angel in the passenger seat. she’s a gifted curator, especially when it comes to music–and she’s got her own radio show to prove it. what makes her hot? this hot single obviously has her finger on the pulse, but her heart is in the right place too. we’re summoning the heavens for this one, let’s see what they bring 😇

stay hot 🥵


p.s. in case you missed it, hot singles was on the drew barrymore show this week… check out the IG post for drew’s toxic trait 😈

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who inspires you?

I’m obsessed with the potential and scariness of the near future. And I’ve always believed that  culture is made by networks, not individuals. So I’m energized by tasteful, capable people who value curiosity over “expertise,” and artists who direct enough energy inward to feel, articulate, and make stuff, but aren’t selfish loners. Like: Raul Lopez, New York’s iconic, eternal homecoming king and final boss. Cherie Hu, a collaborative researcher and rare model of not-flimsy Web3 thinking. Emily Keegin, a photo editor who shares a constant drip of big and small ideas about the images we make and what they say about us. Prepared critic-reporters like Craig Jenkins, Carrie Battan, Caity Weaver, and Christopher Glazek. Painters whose work is both abstract and easy to impose familiar objects and ideas onto, like Irene Royo and Leidy Churchman. And ridiculously competent native New Yorkers like Taja, Deidre, and Brittany.

what are you looking forward to?

This year’s holiday edition of my radio show. Booking next year’s season of Warm Up. Drinking amaro over ice with a lemon in the sun near a body of water. A romantic pasta date at Lucali or Emilio’s Ballato, and slow-cooked soup at home. Decorating a country house. Seeing my friends and their babies grow older. Catching new songs like Pokémons for the rest of my life.

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

I value stability and preservation, and can doubt the potential of things that seem risky or stay put too long as a result.

🥵 what makes you hot?

My courage and dedication to myself and the people I love. I have a strong sense of what I like and also what I don’t know. I connect dots, have a big appetite for pleasure, can hang in most situations, and am pretty resilient to bullshit. You can trust me with the aux, and text me in a crisis.

🔎 who are you looking for?

Smart guys who are comfortable solving problems and act in good faith. Friends who are tender, direct, patient, and mindful with resources. Excellent if you love Romeo Santos, exceptional T-shirts, showing appreciation, and making plans. 

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