28(she/they) Witchy Scientist Seeks Lover To Stir The (Hot) Pot

hey hotties!

as a healthcare researcher and astrologer, our witchy scientist can read more than one of your charts. when their head isn’t in the cosmos, they like to get down to earth and back to nature with their dogs. this hot single’s “hot pot summer” may be over, but there’s plenty more ways to get steamy together this fall.

stay hot 🥵


tell us about a piece of media or art that changed your life

You’re the Worst, which is a binge-able TV show that was on FXX, and is now on Hulu. It centers around a group of terrible millennial friends living in the worst city in the world (LA, objectively) trying to navigate their lives and continuing their quest to navigate messy relationships in the process. A love story that’s not what you expect: kind of a millennial “Before Sunrise” trilogy, but funnier. As a dark comedy, it has the most accurate and best depictions of mental health that I’ve ever watched that mirrored experiences that my friends and I could honestly relate to. Also, the first episode has the raunchiest, most ridiculous sex scenes I’ve ever seen in my life. That alone gives it a watch.

what are you most excited to do this fall?

Autumn is my favourite season, so move aside, summer. I did spend the summer engaging in ‘hot pot summer’ (where I go to a new hot pot place with a pal at least twice a month,) but I’m super excited for my birthday szn (I’m a Libra, yay!) With this pan-demi-lovato continuing, I’m looking forward to mostly cozying up and communing with nature with my pups, and re-opening my astrological side practice again this fall in order to delve deeper into my found community. Celebrating my birthday is really the best event because it’ll be a week-long celebration (don’t @ me, okay?) where I inevitably end at a karaoke place with my friends, scream-singing to The Darkness’ I Believe in a Thing Called Love together.

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

My penchant for provoking unabashed chaos at any given moment. At any time, I will send you hyper-niche raccoon memes or wax poetic about how Shrek 2 is the superior Shrek (over any other movies in the series) and also one of the *best* sequels to a film ever? Follow-up to that: my willingness to fight people who disagree with me about Shrek. I’m serious. I will die on this hill. 

🥵 what makes you hot?

  • Get you someone who can do both: I have a hard sciences background (and I’m vaccinated and work in healthcare research as my career) but I’m also into witchy practices (I’m an astrologer and I love the cosmos!)

  • I have a panda-shaped ukulele and will serenade you. If that doesn’t appeal to you, I can also cook something for you or (as picked up during the pandemic) punch-needle an embroidered hoop for you if you’re cute. We love someone who can have it all!

  • I’m an attentive listener and an even better communicator. Seriously, I’m a fast texter and I really care about the relationships I forge with people.

🔎 who are you looking for?

QTBIPOC to the front, please? But honestly: Anyone who is honest, open, and receiving to the fact I’m queer & polyamorous, and willing to dive deep/get intimate! If you’re someone who will dance in the streets with me, spontaneously book a trip to a new place (when things clear up), or just generally open-minded, hmu!

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