28M Volunteer Firefighter Seeks Smokeshow

hey hotties! our hot single might be a volunteer firefighter, but his toxic trait will leave you wondering if he’s the one starting the fires. you can tell he grew up in nyc with all that Hustle, but you’ll still catch him at sunday dinner with mom 🥺 he’s excited to feel that special spark with someone. will he ignite something in you?


what’s your superpower?

I happen to be a customer service savant. This wangling trait runs in the family, and comes in handy in situations like: changing a reservation, ordering after the kitchen is closed, getting into something that’s for sure sold out, etc etc

One of my best moves is getting out of the $200 airline change fee when I need to switch a flight. Let’s just say, pretending like you’re from the same hometown as the customer service rep goes a long, long way. Sometimes it goes so well that we later become pen pals over email.

what was your most iconic nyc moment?

When I was 15, I unknowingly spent the entire summer selling stolen bicycles at the Brooklyn Flea Market. 

My boss (Eddy) was an older guy with bad knees and a hard time test riding the bikes with interested customers. As a spritely teenager, I was the Yin to Eddy’s Yang, and he recruited me as his sidekick after I purchased a bike from him.

The fun came crashing down one day in late August when I asked him where we got all our bicycle inventory. He gave me a trusting smile, and then proceeded to tell me that all the bikes were stolen from Philadelphia. 

He had his operation here in NYC, and also a like minded friend in Philly. They’d switch “inventories” each week so no one could find their stolen bicycle at the city’s local flea. 

I was heartbroken to learn that I had been an unknowing accomplice to a crime for months. That said, it was also my first exposure to the idea of entrepreneurship and it made a lasting impression. 

I’ve started two businesses in my life, and am currently working on a third through MIT’s DesignX accelerator. Does anyone in Philadelphia want to trade bicycles?

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

I get really into birthday gifts, April fools pranks, surprise parties, etc. For example, I once “rented” a chinchilla from a pet store as part of the presentation of a gift. 

I also once set up a fake New Yorker interview to convince my friend that he was in an article running about young tech “disruptors” in NYC. The interview went on for almost two hours before I broke it to him that it was fake. 

Bottom line, I will put friendships, professional contacts, romantic relationships, and the well-being of small woodland creatures on the line for a memorable story. This has, at times, gotten me into trouble.

🥵 what makes you hot?

  • Recently became a Suffolk county volunteer firefighter. Will climb any tree if a cat is in danger

  • I used to be an NYC tour guide and know a weird amount of useless fun facts 

  • Really good at ordering for the table 

  • Three time chili cookoff champion (with a completely vegetarian chili no less)

  • Big fan of my mom, can generally be found at her apt on Sunday evenings for dinner

🔎 who are you looking for?

I’m looking for a woman who’s up for new experiences, curious, and motivated. Has strong opinions, but not necessarily my own. Positive/optimistic. Thinks I’m funny, I think they’re funny. Can tear up a dance floor. 

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