23M Tender Tinderer Seeking Millennial Man to Tuck Him in at 8PM

this week’s hot single was the student government type, but don’t let that deter you. he’s got a gentle spirit, a tender heart, and a soft spot for Natalie Maines. and just like the rest of us, he’s got some questionable tabs open on his browser. read more below!


what tabs are open on your browser right now?

  • The NYT Crossword archive

  • That Oprah interview

  • “jake gyllenhaal beard”

  • Chartbeat

  • APstylebook.com

  • LinkedIn

  • “potato salad nutrients”

what were you like in high school?

Remember Tracy Flick from Election? Same rosy smile, same terrifying do-what-it-takes-to-secure-the-student-government-victory energy. :) 

what’s your toxic trait?

In the spirit of full transparency, I should make it known that I have several:

  • i apologize even when i’m right

  • i sometimes go to bed at 8pm (even on weekends)

  • i google answers to crossword puzzles when i’m stumped and pretend i did them all by myself

  • i text people very vulnerable things in my sleep

🥵 what makes you hot?

I was dubbed “the gentlest boy” by my 10th grade English class, a superlative that did little to comfort me considering I still looked like the lovechild of Hailee Steinfeld and Franklin the Turtle.

I’ve since learned that my gentle spirit *is* my sex appeal. What Grindr boy can honestly say they’d never cheat on you? What man from Scruff will forgive you time and time again for making lightly offensive jokes about their appearance? What Tinder match will turn your phone face down when you leave to go to the bathroom because they don’t want to accidentally see something that wasn’t intended for them?

The truth is, this tender Taurus sun is burning up. Careful, though… if you get too close, your heart might catch on fire.

🔎 who are you looking for?

I don’t think I’m asking for too much when I say I just want a progressive, slightly older man to cradle me on stormy nights. If he has a car? Great. If he’s never been to Fire Island? Wonderful. If he wakes up with the sun each morning and wonders whether Natalie Maines has found happiness again? He’s probably the one.

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