31W Tall Drink of Water Seeks Thirst-Quenching Romance

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back to our regularly scheduled programming! our hot single of the week takes us on a wild ride for her ideal saturday (but, like everyone else, she obviously also writes in her gratitude journal). she’s an artist and designer, and she has promised to draw you like one of her french girls. hot 🥵

- randa

what have you been thinking about lately?

  • Racial equity in tech

  • Building sustainable mutual aid networks

  • What snacks I should get at Trader Joe’s

  • How Holes is just Candyman for kids

  • That we confront more information in a week than people a hundred years ago processed in their entire lifetime

what’s your ideal saturday?

My ideal Saturday starts with a cup of green tea while I write in my gratitude journal. I’ll do some light morning yoga, then take a stroll to my neighborhood coffee shop, where I have a nice chat with my favorite barista about how we’re both “holding up.” She hands me my iced almond latte, and just as I take a sip, a man wearing a ski mask bursts through the doors brandishing a gun. “This is a robbery! Give me all your money!” Everyone in the shop drops to the floor in terror, covering their faces. Keeping my composure, I turn around and calmly ask the gunman, “Is this what you really want?” We make eye contact, and something clicks in me. I pull his mask off. Is it...my ex? We stare at each other. I break the silence, saying, “Things really went downhill after we broke up, huh?” His stone-faced demeanor gives way to remorse, and the gun drops from his hand, clattering to the floor. He stammers, “God, I don’t know what came over me....I-I....things have just been so hard since you left, you know?” I say, “Where was this vulnerability when we were together?” He lets out a low laugh. “Yeah...I know. Can we try this again? Maybe grab a coffee somewhere?” I shake my head, smiling ruefully. “I don’t date people with the dismissive-avoidant attachment style anymore.” Without looking back, I turn around and walk into the sunshine.

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

To paraphrase our man Alain de Botton’s definition of a cynic, I tend to be an idealist with unrealistic expectations. (Maybe this explains why I still want the best for Kanye West.)

🥵 what makes you hot?

  • I'm an interdisciplinary designer and artist, and design and build interactive installations and participatory experiences

  • Will absolutely draw you like one of my French girls

  • A little spooky

🔎 who are you looking for?

I’m looking for an emotionally intelligent guy with a steady heartbeat who’s adventurous but grounded. Someone who’s down to clown but also talk about feelings.

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