23W Tab Hoarder Seeks Tasteful Tryst

this week’s hot single hoards tabs, and she has a whole newsletter to prove it. a goody-two-shoes-turned-Sky Ferreira stan, she feeds on bringing people together and she WILL laugh at your jokes. she’s looking for friends too, so hit her up if you like what she has to say.

- randa

P.S. if you’ve been wondering about the genesis of hotsingles.nyc, you can read this interview i did with our very own Tab Hoarder. click through for hot tips and takes on dating, including what to say when someone on Hinge “invites you to start the chat” 🥴

did you ever get detention? for what?

I was always a pretty good kid. I did my homework, got good grades, and participated in extracurricular activities. I exhibited typical nice, midwestern, child-of-immigrants behavior...you could have called me a “try-hard.” But, in 6th grade, I got detention for letting my friend Sean copy my Spanish homework. The teacher literally said, “Elise, we’re going to have to impeach you from student government.” I was 12 years old!!! Why did he have to say it like that 😭 This small injustice jump-started my rebellious years as a Tumblr girl who thought she was too cool for everything (student government? nerds! Sky Ferreira? cool!). It was worth it, though, because a year later Sean became my first boyfriend LOL.

what keeps you busy outside of work?

My newsletter, twenty three tabs! It’s a weekly roundup of my open tabs–this week it’s those $50 strawberries, The Sociology of Business, the new Charli XCX video, an article about “cocaine chic” decor (lol), and a chat window of me bartering with a Turkish Rug Dealer on Etsy. I also occasionally interview the people behind cool things, like the cool gal behind hotsingles.nyc :)

I started the newsletter to scratch a latent creative itch–in college, I ran an art publication and put on house and art shows. Though the shopping aspect of twenty three tabs is a lot of fun to put together, the monthly donations, interviews, and relationships I’ve made have been the most fulfilling parts. It feels good to share independent artists and small businesses with my subscribers and make it easy to support them. And after bonding over shared interests, some of the people I’ve met have become real friends.

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

My toxic trait is I love online shopping (and enabling people to buy things). I also love gossip LOL. For some reason, everyone tells me everything. But don’t worry, I’m good at keeping secrets.

🥵 what makes you hot?

I crowdsourced this answer from my friends:

  • I’m down to hang out with and get to know literally anyone. I love making friends and introducing/bringing people together! I try to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone I meet. It makes me sad when someone has a bad time!

  • I’m a “giggly” person. I laugh at everyone’s jokes! Earnestly!

  • “Good at parties”

🔎 who are you looking for?

I’m always looking to make new friends. Let’s get coffee or a martini or hang in the park! I’m half-vaccinated!

Romantically, I’m looking for a guy who is kind, has a fully-developed prefrontal cortex, and shares similar interests with me (music! art! culture! *chef’s kiss* taste!). I love a high-low balance. Like, you’re not above McDonald’s but also can keep a fiddle leaf fig plant alive. You like sticky-floored dive bars but have a skincare routine. You know?

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who is hot singles for?

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can i reach out to more than one hot single?

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how do i get featured?

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