28W Sweet Songstress Seeks Perfect Harmony

we’re back this week with a hot single whose voice will echo through the chambers of your heart. our sweet songstress is a lifelong singer and performer, but she’s not flexing those vocal chords just to serenade you–she’s a music therapist using her voice to help others heal. i have to keep it real with you guys, though. just because she’s a therapist doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own biases (against certain astrological signs).


what are you passionate about?

I’m a music therapist, so I feel that title alone encapsulates some of my biggest passions: music, mental health, self-expression, creativity, all that good stuff. I have been singing all my life, and I feel really grateful to have a job where I get to make music with others every single day. I care deeply about giving people access to music in whatever way aligns with their own goals and their definition of health and well-being. I’ve also been exploring how social justice can be integrated into clinical practice, particularly in medical settings. 

what are you most excited to do this summer? 

A few of my dear friends will be joining me in the Hamptons for my birthday! I am excited to spend the weekend relaxing by the pool, making food, and just spending time with friends who haven’t been all in the same space in well over a year. I also have big plans to make everyone dress up for a cottage core themed dinner and then make several TikToks. I don’t feel sorry about this.

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

I will ask you about your birth chart within the first hour of meeting you. I can’t help it! I just can’t get fully comfortable around someone without knowing their big three. But real talk, it’s all in good fun. If astrology helps us to have a better understanding of ourselves/allows us to see ourselves in a new way, then right on. I would never let someone’s sign determine whether or not I would get close to them. Unless you are a Scorpio. Just kidding! Maybe.

🥵 what makes you hot?

  • As a Leo (can’t believe it’s taken me this long to tell you I’m a Leo) I both love and hate this question. I would like to think I’m a pretty empathic and compassionate person. When I ask you questions about yourself, I really want to know the answers! 

  • I always have hand sanitizer on me in case you forget yours. 

  • I can rally for a fun night out, but I can just as easily stay in, order food, and binge Netflix. That’s called range!!!

🔎 who are you looking for?

I’m looking for a smart, funny, creative dude with an open heart and mind. Someone who I feel both challenged and respected by. Ideally we inspire each other in our respective passions. Creator or lover of music/art. Coffee drinker who is tolerant of vegan cuisine.

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