26M Reply Guy Seeks Internet Girlfriend to Ruin His Life

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what have you been thinking about lately?

I can’t get the video of Joe Biden tripping out of my head. I’ve also been thinking a lot about clogs and GORE-TEX jackets and hanging up a second TV in my living room so I can do double the amount of Guy Stuff. More broadly I’ve been thinking about something my therapist (flex) said to me recently. He said that we get tricked into thinking about adulthood as one giant period of our lives, but really adulthood has all kinds of phases. To that end, I feel like more of an adult than I ever have, but I really don’t feel like An Adult. I will say, I feel more comfortable with this sort of inconsistency than I ever have.

have you ever gone viral on the internet?

I actually have gone “viral” twice for two very different reasons. One time I was one of those guys at sports games who looks very sad when his team is doing badly. The second time was because I tweeted something like “do any ladies want to come over and watch an episode of the Sopranos that passed the Bechdel test?” (which, by the way, ladies, I would love to do). If there is anything to be taken from my brushes with virality it is that I, unlike most guys, love sports and The Sopranos.

👩‍❤️‍👨 who is your nyc crush?

To peel back the curtain for the Hot Singles readers, I was given the choice between two prompts “What is Your Toxic Trait” and “Who is your NYC Crush”. Luckily for me, they are the same answer. I have a sort of latent reply guy energy in that I constantly develop crushes on internet ladies. They are really more like half-crushes or quarter crushes in the sense that they don’t ruin my life nearly as much as crushes I have in the corporal world. I will say though that I recently watched Shithouse and became enamored with the lead actress. After the movie, I went to look her up and saw that I already followed her on Twitter….so I might actually already have a GF ✨✨

🥵 what makes you hot?

I am hot because I have perfect opinions, a good jawline, 8-12 cool t-shirts that articulate a coherent personal style (but not in the abrasive Soho House / Aesop soap kind of way), and an endearing boyish confidence.

🔎 who are you looking for?

I am pretty much looking for deep romantic love and/or to cultivate a relationship similar to the one in Before Sunrise. And an online GF to ruin/save my life.

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