24W Rat Whisperer Seeks Modest Mouse

how could this be hotsingles dot NYC without even a mention of rats? today’s edition features a story about the most iconic new york rodent and its impressive stamina. our rat whisperer also skates, DJs, tweets about basketball, and has an impressive ring collection. get to know her below :)


p.s. i curated a list of summer date spots over at coolstuff.nyc. pop on over and let me know what you think! i’ll be in the lab this summer cooking up some new content for y’all and this is a lil preview 😎

what was your most iconic NYC moment?

One evening during the thick of this past winter de la Panini, I was skating home in my black puffuh jacket whilst trying to avoid clumps of snow on the street… and all of a sudden I noticed a big fat rat scurrying parallel to my board. At first sight, I shrieked.. But nevertheless, I persisted and continued cruising on home with my little ratatouille for about 3 blocks!!!!! Now I like to say I’m a rat whisperer because of this instance, in addition to the fact that I was born in the year of the rat (‘96 babyyyyyyyyy..! But NO– I do not have a 1996-engraved necklace, don’t fret.)

what’s your relationship to social media?

  • Twitter → 100% takes the cake. Follow (@pilar_thestar aka Skateboard P) if you want your daily dose of NBA hot takes, LES thigh tat observations, Sopranos retweets, or just my curated daily stream of consciousness.

  • Instagram →  I follow 2,244 accounts on my personal page currently and, I would hypothesize that 80% of those accounts are inspo pages cuz I may or may not be a creative…………….. As for the rest aka people I know---  I mute everyone lmao. BUT My explore page algorithm is what really tells all there is to know about my search history: tooth gems, sneakers, nail art, NBA memes, and skating clips… but I swear I’m Not a douche :-) 

  • TikTok → my gen-z 16 y/o sister forces me to make dances w her sometimes okay!!!!!!!!

  • Hinge → fuck that sh!t (well actually idk if Hinge counts as social media but I really just wanted to make my opinion known. Nevertheless, the photo above may or may not be on my profile…(my biggest fear is DEFINITELY being a washed up NYC hinge-y.)

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

One time a dude told me that he thinks all “ring-girls” (aka girls who wear a lot of rings?) are toxic… to which my response was ⬆️

(hence I tend to get a little aggressive with my middle fingers, take pride in my personal style and have strong opinions about things that I do or do not FW……. <3 ) 

🥵 what makes you hot?

All of my favorite pairs of Levi’s have ripped under my b00ty… Maybe because I hop subway turnstiles and then they rip as bad karma? Maybe because I fall on my a$$ while failing to grind a skate ramp? Maybe because I attempt to patch them up with my savvy sewing skills but then they just rip again? maybe because I have a hUge wagon? 

🔎 who are you looking for?

A person (most likely a dude) who is ambitious but not narcissistic, loves their hobbies but is not unemployed lol, is opinionated but not defensive, and is confident but modest (no gym selfies) <3 …. or just like a summer fling idk!!! Let’s get some banter goin my boos.

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