32M Prince of Polls Seeks Active Voter With Kindred Soul

hey hotties!

this week’s prince may work the polls, but does he have your vote? it’s not all politics with him, though–he can just kick it, too. and by that i mean run, jump, and kick himself high into the air in an impressive display of athleticism. could you be his kindred soul?

stay hot 🥵


what are you passionate about?

Voting! I became a poll worker in 2012 and was immediately like, “Wow, this is fucking messy.” There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes, and I like the challenge of covering voting as a journalist and trying to bring life to something that seems so technical and mundane. 

And not that you’re asking, but my ideal meet-cute would be at the poll site I’m working. I ask for his name (but never to see his ID), we hit it off, and then he meets me when polls close with tacos and tequila (it’s a very long day). This hasn’t happened yet, but maybe that’s because my ideal man takes advantage of his vote-by-mail option (I love that about him).

tell us a fun fact about yourself

When I was 23, I broke my neck while I was in Cairo doing a masters program. I’d been a diver in undergrad and joined a parkour team when I got to Egypt, and we were practicing at a playground outside the city. I over-rotated a flip off a ledge, hit my forehead, and broke a vertebra in my neck from the front to the back. Thankfully, I recovered completely and then got a lot more interested in fitness, which ultimately led me to competing on “American Ninja Warrior” (fingers crossed that someone remembers that show).

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

Impatience. I cook my eggs extra runny, sprint to catch the subway, and used to sometimes miss a little soap when I washed my hands (now I obviously scrub them like a doctor prepping for surgery). 

🥵 what makes you hot?

I’m a reporter, so I’m great at small talk and remembering names, which means you can bring me to weddings, family reunions, company holiday parties, etc. I don’t have a ton of taste when it comes to aesthetics (let’s be honest), so you can pick out our furniture and art and autumn sweaters. I play a mean game of NYT Spelling Bee but would never ruin the pangram for you.

🔎 who are you looking for?

I’m looking for a man who has his own friends, ambitions, and interests but still wants to intertwine his life and relationships with mine. Also, he doesn’t want to permanently settle down in one place and is down to always avoid the winter (you can meet me in San Diego this January).

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