25W Plant-Based Princess Seeking Romaine-tic Partner

hey hotties :) our hot single this week is serving up gourmet vegan food with a side of philosophy. she also has a sauna in her apartment (!!) and she knew about jhené aiko *before* she was cool. without further introduction, here’s the plant-based princess of your dreams!

- randa

what are you passionate about?

I’m really passionate about helping people achieve their highest state of health. I became interested in health and wellness while working as a software engineer and dealing with my own issues. I quickly realized that this is my path and purpose in life, so I pivoted from tech to wellness last year. Now, I work with clients to help them reach their health goals, primarily through proper nutrition. Naturally, this led me to another passion: food. During COVID, I’ve been taking a gourmet vegan culinary course, so I can really chef it up (you can see some pics on my IG)! I love making and sharing food that doesn’t compromise taste for health.

what have you been thinking about lately?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what Daniel Berrigan said of Dorothy Day: “She lived as though the truth were true.” This got me thinking about the idea of truth and its fragility, and pluralism vs. relativism. Especially during these politically tumultuous times, it’s important to understand some sort of baseline truth, if it exists, and how it functions in our diverse society. On a personal level, it’s made me more critically evaluate my everyday life and how my actions reflect my truth, or what I hold to be the Truth.

what makes you hot?

  • My heritage— Lebanese *exotic*

  • I’m originally from Las Vegas (some people think this is hot, but up to you)

  • Unwinding in my personal infrared sauna (literally HOT!)

📊 stats

occupation: Nutritionist

looking for: An ambitious, artsy, kind, cool, and compassionate guy

neighborhood: Williamsburg

✨ favs

book: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

song: Deja Vu by Jhene Aiko— NOT the one she released in 2016 with Big Sean. This was one of her first songs in the early 2000s before she blew up, and I discovered it on a free CD in a cereal box. Only the real ones know.

tv/movie: Capernaum and Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)

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