28W Open Book Seeks Man For Close Reading

how are y’all doing this friday? ready to feel a little something?

if you’re mentally saying “yes,” then you’re in luck, because our open book will inspire you to have feelings. whether her feelings are about her little brother growing up, strangers on the train, or her latest journalistic subject, you can tell this hot single is a thoughtful empath. she’s looking for a fellow sensitive person to join her–maybe it’s you 🥺


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what is your most treasured memory?

A recentish favorite is seeing my brother’s high school garage band play their first gig. My brother is eight years younger than me, so I’ve always had a serious amount of oldest sibling guilt about “abandoning” him when I went to college. It’s hard growing up with immigrant parents, and to do it alone? So nothing made me prouder than seeing what a brilliant, creative artist he’s turned into all on his own.

what brought you to NYC?

I grew up and went to journalism school in the midwest, so New York was always the city on the hill, career-wise. But I still remember getting my first job and having to get an apartment via some random Facebook group, and how it took only two hours to find a place, FaceTime one of the roommates, and Venmo her my life savings. When I got to Brooklyn, the room was so small you could clean it with a single Clorox wipe. But it did the job! I was like, either this city is a Very Bad Idea, or I’ve finally found my mecca for other impatient Type A strivers. Five years in, and I have never felt calmer anywhere else.

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

I’m a total open book. I’m like one of those lethally heavy textbooks with the cracked spine and fifteen appendices that you have to kind of muscle closed. (I’m a Pisces, surprise surprise). Pair that with your garden variety journalistic compulsion — also known as Extreme Nosiness — and I end up getting myself in a lot of situations where it’s like, well we’ve only known each other for a few hours but now we’re having a brutal heart-to-heart about the complicated feelings you’ve been harboring about your step-dad. I mean, I fucking love that shit, but lately I’ve been learning you can’t just 2 Fast 2 Furious your way to real emotional intimacy. Am I still going to try to get you to tell me all your secrets……..always.

🥵 what makes you hot?

Honestly, I’m quite easily moved. It could be a line from an article, some solid Impressionism, an embarrassingly basic pop song, a book (I just finished Crying in HMart and fully sobbed on the train), etc., but also just as often, it’s one of the totally crazy, poignant little moments we all encounter from just walking around New York. Very capital-R Romantic stuff. If we’re sitting on the train and you’re noticing the same weird/wonderful little detail about the way a kid’s clutching her birthday balloon as I am, that will send me straight over the moon. 

🔎 who are you looking for?

Calling all males who are single, sensitive, and steady at the wheel. Figuratively and literally. Your girl is a jumpy driver.

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