introducing: Help me, Randa!

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hey hotties!

have you ever heard “Help Me, Rhonda” by The Beach Boys? no? you’re not a boomer? the song is about a guy with a broken heart who asks a woman named Rhonda to help him get over his ex. i won’t be your rebound, but i do want to help you. that’s why i’m launching…

Help me, Randa!, an advice column by

i’ll be answering your anonymous questions about being single, dating, and navigating relationships. no question is too spicy or too sweet–as with the weekly hot single, a diversity of topics, experiences, and personalities is encouraged. on the last wednesday of every month, i’ll send out a response to my favorite question.

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i’m excited to hear from you all! the first issue of Help me, Randa! goes out a week from today: september 29th.

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