23W Freckled Freak Seeking Lady for Long Walks

hey y’all— we’re back with freckles and poop jokes. our hot single of the week is sweet and funny, and she wants you to feel like your hottest self. check her out below.


what are you passionate about?

  • Songs that stir something in me (example)

  • The Brussels Griffon dog breed

  • The healing powers of a long walk

  • Creating new dialects with my friends and loved ones 

  • The fact that everything is a spectrum— specifically snacking. My top fav foods span from hearts of palm to funfetti icing xo.

tell us about a prank you played on someone

One night when I was in the eighth grade, I was hanging out with a group of my tween pals at my friend Christey’s house when I had the sudden urge to prank. I corralled a few of my friends off to the side and whispered “go along with what I’m about to say, okay?” When we returned to the full group and I posed the question, “do you guys….poop in the shower?” All of the girls pulled through and said something along the lines of “all the time!” or “oh, yeah, doesn’t everyone?” (**if this is not already clear, none of us actually poop in the shower**) Our other friends were truly shocked, disturbed and disgusted, leading us to double down further and fabricate details like “yeah you just have to waffle stomp it down the drain!” or “you only do it if you know it’s gonna be a soft one.” Are you freaked out yet? Anyways, I revived this prank in college, and my roommates and I would scare our houseguests during drinking games and Never Have I Ever with a round of the prank that has fondly become known as Poop In The Shower.

what makes you hot?

While I love pranks and irony and fucking around, I am actually quite sincere. I almost always mean what I say— perhaps that is unsexy to some? Anyways, I instinctually see the best in people, and I genuinely want us all to feel like our hottest possible selves. I also have shoulder freckles and like to wear overalls.

📊 stats

age: 23.75

occupation: Podcasts @ Spotify

looking for: Ladiez

neighborhood: Clinton Hill

✨ favs

book: On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong, Beloved by Toni Morrison

song: ever? Towers by Bon Iver

tv/movie: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, PEN15

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