26W Fast Walker Seeks Ice Cream Taste Tester

this week’s hot single has ice cream dreams. and like many brooklyn residents, our Fast Walker *loves* her dog. don’t worry! she still has love to spare for you, too…just don’t walk too slowly ;)


what was your most iconic NYC moment?

I couldn’t pick just one:

  • When I finished three episodes of Great British Bake-off while waiting for the F

  • When my super assured me unsolicitedly that he would take a bullet for everyone in our building

  • When I drove across the Manhattan-bound side of the Brooklyn Bridge and serenaded the construction workers with Harry Styles

  • When I accidentally told a toddler that they were walking too slow in Chinatown

what is one thing on your bucket list?

Open an ice cream shop! I love the idea of making something just for people to enjoy. Ice cream is also as much an art as a literal science and I have very particular opinions about how it should taste. And, of course, there will be ice cream for dogs.

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

I’m that nosy neighbor everyone worries about when they move into a first floor apartment. I will definitely look in your windows and try to figure out what your job is. 

🥵 what makes you hot?

I have a dog, a car, and a Costco membership. I also love doing the dishes and vacuuming but never ask me to fold laundry. Someone please wife me up.

🔎 who are you looking for?

Someone (she/they/he) kind, curious, and a little bit stubborn to hold our dogs while I grab bagels. Tell me about something you love that I know nothing about! 

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