25W Crossword Cutie Seeks Some 1-Down 4-Across The Table Flirting

hey hotties!

they say girls go to college to get more knowledge, but our crossword cutie gets hers from an exclusive underground trivia league. you might recognize her from other underground locales–she sings and plays guitar in a band. at the end of the day, though, she’s only human*

*she gave herself bangs at the beginning of the pandemic

stay hot 🥵


tell us about a subculture or community you’re part of and how you got involved

I somehow found myself on the NYT-crossword-to-underground-trivia-league pipeline??? Towards the beginning of the pandemic I bonded with a close friend over crosswords - we’d compare solving times on weekdays and then work together over Zoom on the Saturday and Sunday Times puzzles. All very cute.

I ended up with a slightly troubling fixation with keeping up my crossword streak (got up to 370 days) and an invite from my crossword friend into this Fight Club-esque trivia league. (Fight Club-esque in that it’s invite-only and runs on an honor code not Fight Club-esque in a multiple personality black eye kind of way) (spoilers sry) Sometimes it makes me feel very small and silly that I have a bunch of random *trivial* knowledge but am not really a full expert in anything and then sometimes I’m like, hey, kind of fun to know things just for the sake of knowing things.


The words moist, damp, and soggy. Personally, I am marrying moist, fucking soggy, and killing damp. My hot (single) take is that moist is actually a really good word. It is descriptive and specific and intentional and honestly, kind of hot. There! I said it! Soggy? Not the best, but soggy can hang. Damp? Gross. Nothing is damp on purpose.

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

I genuinely love Radiohead :/ and I have taken four different people on the exact same date in my neighborhood. Also, I gave myself bangs at the beginning of the pandemic which feels like some kind of red flag. 

🥵 what makes you hot?

  • I have great eyebrows 

  • I can hold my own in social situations. If you bring me to a party you won’t feel like you have to babysit me and instead we can make some fun eye contact from across the room throughout the night while I’m charming your friends. Being able to mingle is hot, okay?

  • I play guitar and sing in a band

  • I genuinely love to learn new things. Some quarantine hobbies I picked up include crocheting, embroidery, and some light wood-working (read: I’m good with my hands)

🔎 who are you looking for?

A good kisser (all pronouns welcome) who is funny and communicative and ideally doesn’t use 3-in-1 shampoo. Picky eaters need not apply.

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