29M Chitchat Champ Seeks Talk of the Town

hey hotties! our chitchat champ may have had a rough (ruff) start to his first post-covid conversation with a stranger, but he’s got a great attitude about it. as with all hot singles, he lives in new york, but people sometimes mistake him for a californian because of his open, relaxed vibe. speaking of vibes, this man knows how to set one–and he’s opening a bar to prove it.

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rose / bud / thorn

  • Rose: I just started going to therapy again! I’d forgotten how gorgeous it feels to have a professional massage your emotions.

  • Bud: I’m opening a bar in Greenpoint with a few friends. Currently rebuilding the interiors, hoping to open in October. The concept is inspired by “listening bars,” so if you’d love a chill spot to have drinks and hear great music spun by local DJs, stay tuned!

  • Thorn: I received some militia gear in the mail, which I didn’t order. Like tactical satchels and holster type stuff. Either my identity was stolen by some MAGA people, or they’re trying to recruit me. EEK.

what’s the best interaction you’ve had with a stranger?

One day a bit after things started opening up again from covid quarantine, I was waiting in line at a beer spot. A woman queued up behind me and her dog started jumping all over me. She apologized and said they hadn’t seen anyone in months, I said it’s totally fine, I get it, very sweet doggy.

I wanted to keep the conversation going, having not talked to a new person in months. I figured I should ask about her dog, but I know next to nothing about dogs (I’m a cat dad). I considered asking what breed of dog it was, but I didn’t know any breeds, so it felt like a dead end. It had now been a few moments and I needed to say something, so I said the next thing that came into my head, which was: “So, does your dog like to eat meat?”

We looked at each other, shared a moment of collectively going, “What the hell did you just say?” and then the line moved. I was up next, I moved along, and we laughed it off. I promise I’m not this awkward all the time, but when I am, at least some good chuckles come from it.

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

I tend to assume the worst—my skepticism and pessimism of people and outcomes can be pretty strong. Having said that, I do my best to not let myself judge books by their covers, and I delight in being proven wrong. An “underpromise and overdeliver” kind of outlook.

🥵 what makes you hot?

I make it easy to be comfortable around me. When I first moved to NYC, people would tell me I had a “cali vibe” which I thought meant I looked super high or something???But actually, it’s that since I’m not too concerned with facades or being impressive, people find they can relax, settle in, and be themselves around me.

🔎 who are you looking for?

A woman with ambition, talent and passion out the wazoo, who is honest and communicates well, and who can cause me to die of laughter.

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