25M Cheeky Chicano Seeks Communicative Cutie

hey hotties!

this week’s hot single doesn’t know his own name, but don’t let that stop you from calling him by yours. a restaurant guy with love for both good food and good bathroom decor, he knows where to take you on a date. just don’t be embarrassed if he asks for hot sauce at a fancy dinner 🌶

stay hot 🥵


what question are you trying to answer most in your life right now? 

My name is Luke, but should I be going by Lucas? This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, with help from some newer Chicano friends that I have gotten to know during the pandemic. “What’s Luke?” they said when I introduced myself. “You’re Lucas.” At the risk of an overshare, my parents weren’t married when I was born, and my mom – a wonderful white woman from Illinois – named me Lucas so that the heritage from my dad – an MIA brown man from CDMX – was represented in my name. My classmates in elementary school had other plans, shortening my name to Luke, but Lucas is what I’m called at home, around other Chicanos, and by most of my friends when I’m acting up at 3 a.m.

what are you passionate about?

One of my favorite parts about eating out at restaurants right now has almost nothing to do with food. (To my co-workers who found this through Instagram, please locate and smash that red X button in the corner of your browser.) I write about restaurants during most waking hours of the day, and that means I end up thinking about restaurant design a lot - and honestly, one of the most exciting things happening in the city’s food businesses right now is going down in bathrooms. Let me explain. The three-panel mirror at Dame in Greenwich Village makes for one of the best mid-meal thirst traps in the city; the flamingo wallpaper at Wild Birds in Crown Heights could probably be framed in a museum; and the outer space-themed bathroom at Xilonen in Greenpoint really didn’t need to go that hard (but we’re glad that it did!). A good bathroom probably can’t save a bad meal, but it can make a good meal great <3

😈 what’s your toxic trait?

Tbh I put hot sauce on everything…. and will probably ask for some no matter where we’re at (Eleven Madison Park, Van Leeuwen, the Thanksgiving dinner table, the list goes on)

🥵 what makes you hot?

  • The color of my skin in the summer

  • Shorts with a five-inch inseam

  • The way that I text

  • Despite these rambling answers, I’m super charming IRL

🔎 who are you looking for?

Right now I’m looking for something casual. That can still mean intense, invested, and communicative–I’m just not prepared to make a serious monogamous commitment at this time. Even though I’ve only dated cis women in the past, I’m looking forward to meeting hot singles of any gender.

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